Zhao Changpeng publishes a long popular science article on how to protect encrypted assets

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao published a popular science article on "How to Protect Your Crypto Assets." In the article, Zhao Changpeng suggested that users only use large reputable trading platforms. Because large exchanges invest heavily in security infrastructure, such as Binance investing hundreds of millions of dollars in security. Security covers a wide range of areas, from equipment, networks, procedures, people, risk monitoring, big data, artificial intelligence, training, research, testing, third-party partners, and even global law enforcement relationships. Properly dealing with security issues requires a lot of money, manpower, and energy. Smaller trading platforms do not have such scale or financial resources at all. The article said that SMS verification was widely adopted, but now times have changed. In view of the increase in SIM exchange, it is recommended not to use text messages anymore, and to rely more on 2FA (2-factor authentication) or U2F (a hardware device that generates unique time-based domain-specific codes).