Bitcoin security expert: Libra is certainly unable to provide banking services to people without a bank account

Planet Daily News Although some people are still positive about the launch of Libra, many believe that Libra does not have the conditions to launch as a cryptocurrency. Ueli Maurer, the Swiss president and member of the Swiss Federal Council, recently said that Libra "failed in its current form" and that the project had to be revised to get approval. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse also believes that Libra will not be launched by 2023.

Andreas Antonopoulos, author of Bitcoin Mastery and Bitcoin security expert, shares the same view, recently talking about the launch of Libra, and sharing his views on Libra's introduction of financial inclusion and helping people without bank accounts. "Is the system open? Is it open to access and participation? Is it borderless? Is it neutral to the purpose and amount of source-destination? Is this resistance to censorship? Is it constant? Is this publicly verifiable? "According to him, Libra failed all of these features. Once centralized management is in place, Libra will have to abide by the rules, and as a result will not be able to fulfill what it promised-banking services for people without bank accounts. If success is defined as providing banking services to people who do not have a bank account and benefiting everyone, then Libra is doomed to fail. Libra cannot be launched in the form described in the white paper and will certainly not launch in every country.