Perspective: Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin may not be ready to support people during the economic crisis

Planet Daily News "Mastering Bitcoin" author and bitcoin security expert Andreas M. Antonopoulos points out that large-scale adoption of cryptocurrencies will not happen like most people think, but he asserts that its adoption will definitely give people a chance to choose Own an alternative online currency. He claims that mass adoption of cryptocurrencies is not a true retail purchase, as people can easily do this, especially in developed countries, using tools they already have.

Antonopoulos also said that the world is already on the verge of a major economic crisis. But Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency itself is not ready to reach out to people. However, future cryptocurrencies do have a bright future, because the future of global finance will be decentralized, based on open protocols and open systems. He added that open financial systems are more efficient because they are fairer, more transparent, and will help solve all problems of scale.