Shimu Capital Dr. Ouyang Mo: Many investors engaged in traditional stock trading have regarded digital assets as an essential investment direction

Recently, RockTree Capital CEO, Dr. Omer Ozden (Dr. Ouyang Mo) said in an interview with Forbes that despite the tense situation in the United States and Iran and the spread of new coronavirus, Bitcoin had a new one in the spring of 2020. An amazing start, the price of Bitcoin has risen by about 50% since the beginning of the year. At present, many traders and investors engaged in both traditional stock trading and digital asset trading have considered digital assets as an essential transaction and investment direction, so it can even be said that Bitcoin will become a safe-haven asset. He believes that due to the epidemic, funds may enter the cryptocurrency field from the traditional investment market. Dr. Omer Ozden said in another recent interview that China's high response capabilities and strategies in this epidemic will accelerate the digitalization of China's economy.