Online! Wanxiang blockchain public welfare hackathon, waiting for you to solve these real post-epidemic social needs together

Wanxiang Blockchain Lab jointly launched a "same gas 'chain' branch" with a number of industry partners, such as matrix elements, distributed capital, Haopu, DoraHacks, Motor Union Technology, LongHash, and Magic Orange. The competition is in full swing and will close at 11:59 on February 27th. The entire hackathon took place online. At the same time, in order to help participants to make blockchain applications that are truly meaningful and meet the needs of society, the competition collected in advance the parties from the government, battle front-line companies and non-profit organizations, ordinary citizens, and the Internet during the epidemic and the epidemic ended. After the actual needs and suggestions, Hackers are being called together to solve these real post-epidemic social needs!

In addition to actively collecting social needs, the contest also specially invited Li Ming, director of the Blockchain Research Office of the China Electronics Standardization Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology / Chairman of the IEEE Computer Association Blockchain Committee, and Liu Changlin, Deputy Director of the Shanghai Hongkou Science and Technology Committee, and Wanxiang District Blockchain / PlatON Chief Economist Zou Chuanwei, HashKey Capital CEO Deng Chao, Qiming Venture Capital Vice President Tang Yi, Matrix Yuan Chief Operating Officer Xie Hongjun, Haopu Technology Founder and CEO Ma Haobo, Cline Technology CTO Xu Gang, Distribution Partner Huang Lingbo, CEO of Magic Orange Network Chen Mintao, and Chief Operating Officer of LongHash Ventures Shi Khai, etc., as the contestant mentor. They come from the government, industry, investment institutions, well-known startup companies and other fields. They will provide a comprehensive view of all contestants from different angles such as post-epidemic economic and social needs, industry development trends and opportunities, current investment environment and hot spots, entrepreneurial opportunities and difficulties Conduct pre- and in-game instruction. And all hackathon contestants will not only get rare communication opportunities with mentors and industry elites, but also have the opportunity to directly get jobs from Wanxiang Blockchain and partners, and even get investment from well-known investment institutions! In addition, generous cash rewards, free office space for up to one year in the Wanxiang new blockchain space, 2020 Shanghai Blockchain International Week tickets (each valued at 4,500 yuan), 2020 Shanghai Blockchain International Week hackathon directly Eligibility (great rewards), as well as various hidden benefits such as continuous brand exposure, technical & investment resource support from various channels, are waiting for you!

As of now, the organizer Wanxiang Blockchain Lab has received multiple information feedbacks, including information workers from government workers, practitioners from various industries, ordinary individuals, and the media.

As for government affairs, in this epidemic situation, the demand for materials deployment, counterfeiting supervision, information transparency, e-government affairs, and social livelihood is relatively concentrated. For example, some companies hope that technology can help trace the production, transportation, and sales paths of medical devices, so that government departments can supervise them; contactless e-government has become a much-needed new government processing method, such as whether the blockchain can be used in court lines Contribute to court or online dispute resolution; some people have also suggested whether the blockchain can play a role in citizen health management and help the government manage the citizens' life cycle health status, such as medical data, health signs, and exercise Comprehensive data; In addition, in large-scale public events, the blockchain's optimization solutions in terms of rational allocation of materials and information transparency are also hot topics of concern to everyone.

For enterprises, after the epidemic is mitigated, they will face the problem of resumption of work. It is unavoidable that people will gather. Can the blockchain start with temperature measurement, access control, identification of mask wearing, etc. to help enterprises to make the epidemic prevention visible, manageable and controllable? In the process of remote office work, enterprises are facing new challenges in employee management, collaboration tools and efficiency. Can the blockchain help companies to carry out systematic management of remote and distributed office work? During the epidemic, most companies stopped production and some enterprises (such as Ding Dong shopping, daily fresh food, takeaway, etc.) faced a shortage of manpower. Can the blockchain help business owners to share employees? Another point worthy of attention is that consumer consumption habits, consumption content, and consumption psychology have all changed during the epidemic, and the public's dependence on online demand has deepened. Among them, using blockchain technology, is the enterprise Can you get new business opportunities?

For many ordinary people, due to the special requirements of epidemic prevention measures, online education, online consultation, smart medical care, etc. have become new necessities of life. These services currently exist, but can the blockchain deepen the demand and help Optimize business models? Whenever a public event comes, rumors are always inevitable, and relevant parties need to spend a lot of energy to dispel rumors. So, what is the solution for blockchain in social information verification? In addition, when students can't go to school and the school's online class time is limited, there is a need for online help and mutual learning. Does the blockchain have a solution in this regard to help students better monitor each other's learning?

Behind every crisis lies the vigorous development of new forces. SARS in 2003 opened the door for e-commerce companies such as and Taobao. Coincidentally, new coronal pneumonia in 2020, such as Hema Xiansheng, Dingdong shopping for vegetables, and daily excellent fresh products will provide great convenience to the public and usher in a new round of development opportunities. The blockchain has brand new technologies that are difficult to tamper with, traceable, and distributed. Facing the real needs of the people's livelihood, can the blockchain really play its role and correct its name? Wanxiang Blockchain Online Public Welfare Hackathon, convened Hackers to solve these real social needs! Coming soon, the epidemic has been going on for some time, but the exploration of technology has just begun. Contribute your strength and let us do something together to change the future!

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