Last week's bitcoin chain activity declined, and the entire network's computing power rebounded slightly

According to Tokenview data, the average value of the activity index on the Bitcoin chain has decreased slightly in the past week (02.17-02.23), and the data fluctuation range has narrowed. In terms of on-chain data, the average number of new addresses on the 7th was 392,800, and the average number of active addresses was 738,000; a decrease of 3.06% and 3.72% from last week, respectively. On the 7th, the average value of on-chain transactions was 97,577,000 BTC, and the average number of on-chain transactions was 321,800; a decrease of 4.02% and 1.59% from last week, respectively. The 7-day average hashrate of the entire network was 112.07 EH / s, a slight increase of 2.98% from the previous week. The fluctuation range of the number of newly added and active addresses on the entire network has narrowed, and the fundamentals on the chain have stabilized, or it will be conducive to further uptrend after the market consolidation.