EthFans editor-in-chief A Jian: Ethereum core developers have not reached agreement on ProgPoW Ethereum

In response to CryptoBriefing's report that "Ethereum core developers are promoting anti-ASIC ProgPoW, the hard fork upgrade is tentatively scheduled for July", EthFans editor-in-chief A Jian said that the CryptoBriefing report was inaccurate, and the Ethereum core developers did not reach ProgPoW By consensus, there is no tentative hard fork upgrade time. A Jian said that the reason for the so-called ProgPoW launch three weeks after the June hard fork is simply because of accidents on the agenda. Hard fork coordinator James Hancock strongly supports ProgPoW, so he talked about whether ProgPoW should be put in the same fork as EIP-1962. But this does not mean that the developers participating in the conference support PorgPoW (some developers even directly objected). In the end, everyone's discussion turned into "how to collect everyone's true opinions". A Jian also said that even if the "CryptoBriefing" report said that "the hard fork is planned to be released three weeks after EIP-1962, this is an uncontested update that will add additional encryption to Ethereum", which is not accurate . EIP-1962 is still controversial, and both Parity and Geth client developers have at least expressed slight opposition.