Total transactions of Ethereum DEX projects in the past week totaled $ 84.84 million

As of now, there have been 20 DEX projects based on the Ethereum network. In the past week, a total of 309,974 ETH on the chain have been traded, for a total of USD 84,841,677. Overall, the DEX projects with the most active users in the past week were: Uniswap (11,441), IDEX (7,472), Kyber (6,823), Tokenlon (2,024), ForkDelta (1,492) ); According to the ranking of user transactions, the DEX projects with the largest transaction amounts are: Uniswap (138,016ETH), Kyber (79,503ETH), Tokenlon (24,579ETH), IDEX (23,976ETH), Radar Relay (22,750ETH).