Across ETH / EOS / TRON / IOST four public chains, the total number of ETH users is far ahead

According to the data of DAppTotal on February 24, in the past week, a comprehensive comparison of the DApp ecosystem of the four major public chains of ETH, EOS, TRON, and IOST found that the total number of users (number): ETH (268,640) IOST (2,043,269); across four public chains TOP3 DApps by user volume: MillionMoney (ETH), Play GOC (TRON), Oasis Treasury (ETH); TOP3 DApps by transaction number are: EIDOS (EOS), POW (EOS), iPirates (IOST); by transaction amount TOP3 DApps are: Newdex (EOS), Compound (ETH), Dice (EOS).