Blockchain security company CoolBitX completes $ 16.75 million in Series B financing, led by SBI

According to digital era news, Taiwan-based blockchain security company CoolBitX (Coin Technology) completed $ 16.75 million in Series B financing, led by Japanese financial giant SBI Holdings, Taiwan National Development Fund, Korean crypto exchange BitSonic, and Japan Financial Institution Monex participated in the investment. CoolBitX said that after this round of financing, its subsidiaries in Japan and South Korea will also go online. It is understood that CoolBitX owns a crypto hardware wallet brand, CoolWallet S, and completed a $ 13 million Series A financing round invested by SBI Holdings in 2018. According to previous news, SBI began planning for the "SBI encrypted digital currency ecosystem" in 2016. In March 2018, SBI Holdings acquired a 40% stake in Taiwan's hardware wallet company CoolBitX.