Israel prepares crypto wallet BT360, says former CEO has financial irregularities and has frozen user assets

Israel's popular crypto wallet BT360 shut down the wallet service and its website on February 12. According to reports, the company has frozen users' funds while investigating apparent financial irregularities. Israeli media Calcalist reported the incident. Wallet website owner Eyal Sadeh said he has fired the company's chief executive, Erez Fischler, for violating his handling of customer funds. He Sadeh said that after the authorities lifted the alert, BT360 will be back online and customers will be able to access their accounts by that time. But Erez Fischler added that he did nothing wrong. He said he resigned a few weeks before the company shut down, and after that resignation he would not be able to access customer accounts, so it was impossible to be held responsible for any losses. It is unclear how much the site's total user assets are.