BB: EOS network performance is normal, Coinbase encountered difficulties in processing transactions

BB continues to tweet today in response to Coinbase's alleged performance degradation issue:
1.EOSIO is so highly scalable at the blockchain level that it is difficult for many applications to extend the rest of their infrastructure to stay in sync;
2. Some applications that attempt to track and analyze each ownership transfer for KYC / AML purposes have encountered difficulties in processing the speed and number of EOS transactions;
3.B1 is committed to creating tools to help application developers use EOSIO to extend all layers of their stack, and we are in contact with Coinbase to help them resolve performance issues;
4.Coinbase's problem of network instability has nothing to do with CPU issues. They have custom processes to monitor every transaction on the blockchain, and the large number of EOS transactions makes it difficult for them to keep up. There is no performance degradation of the EOS network, and no other exchange has raised the same problem.