Huobi: Beware of Telegram Group's "HT Move Brick Arbitrage" Scam, the official Huobi Chinese community has moved to Huoxin

Huobi officially received user feedback. Recently, the information on the "HT Brick Arbitrage" scam on Telegram has increased again. In the name of Huobi, criminals formed the Telegram group of "Huobi Global Official Brick Arbitrage Chinese Group" to commit fraud. The scam used the phrase "brick arbitrage" to induce users to transfer personal ETH into a wallet, and then transfer it from the wallet to the fraudster's payment address. After that, it will transfer the fake "HT" (non-Huobi official) Issued Huobi Token) to defraud user assets. Huobi said that Huobi has never launched a "moving brick arbitrage" campaign. It will not ask users in any form for information such as account passwords, text messages, and Google verification codes.