The data shows that the ratio of long and short positions in BTC contracts is 2.26, and the total number of positions maintained above 11 million

As of 10:30 on February 25, according to OKEx trading big data, the number of short and long positions in BTC contracts was 2.26, the quarterly contract basis was US $ 251.56, the perpetual contract basis was -0.1 US dollars, and the perpetual contract fund rate was 0.031% BTC contract holdings total 11,022,334, 24h trading volume 28,749,209; active buying volume 287,694, active selling volume 323,277; elite account long account ratio 46%, long position ratio 24.17%, short account ratio 51%, The short position ratio is 21.29%. In terms of BTC spot data, the leverage ratio is 23.37, the active purchase amount of coins is 332.12 BTC, the active sell amount of coins is 252.50 BTC, and the over-the-counter premium rate of USDT is 101.79%.