Eliminate voting fraud, Seoul, South Korea will launch blockchain voting system on March 1

According to Decrpt reported on February 25, the Seoul government plans to launch the highly anticipated "blockchain voting system" on March 1. The system will allow citizens of Seoul to submit to the government feasibility suggestions or new questions about existing policies.

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The blockchain technology used in the above voting system will be mainly used to verify the identity of everyone on the network and prevent repeated voting.

South Korea has always planned to create a platform between the government and the public to make discussions more open. And Seoul's latest initiative, "Democratic Seoul," is in response to this vision of the government. Since October 2018, Seoul's attitude towards blockchain technology has been very positive. The city government has released a master plan for the blockchain worth $ 109 million, which includes a distributed ledger system for used car sales. The blockchain used in Seoul is a private chain.

Letters and visits legacy from South Korea

For years, South Korea has allowed citizens to submit petitions on the official website of the presidential palace's Blue House. When a petition reaches 200,000 votes nationwide, the government must make a public statement about it.

The blockchain platform developed by the Seoul government is similar to Cheongwadae ’s petition system, but it is only open to residents of Seoul. If the proposals made by citizens of Seoul on the blockchain platform have won the votes of 1,000 residents, Seoul Mayor Park Won-sun will respond.

Eliminate duplicate voting issues

The blockchain voting system solves the main problem of the Korean petition system, because the system has been plagued by double voting and false identity voting.

South Korea's petition system determines that if any petition can get at least 200,000 votes within 30 days, the system will force the government to respond. However, Son Young-joon, a professor of journalism at the National University of Korea, said that even people with little knowledge of technology can fraudulently vote by using different usernames and Internet service providers, making the final vote better than the actual vote. As many as four times.

A blockchain-based voter authentication system is expected to solve this problem. Democratic Seoul Chairman Oh Gwan-young said:

Citizen-led and practical policies are in line with Seoul's vision of 'Every Resident is Mayor'. Through this platform, Seoul will continue to strengthen cooperation with residents in formulating local policies.

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