Babbitt Industry Welcome Class, the first class tonight is officially launched!

In the Spring Festival just passed, Babbitt used 9 years of industry accumulation to create a complete knowledge map of the blockchain for you, allowing you to directly reach the insights, business insights, and investment opportunities of the blockchain. It's the Babbitt Industry Welcome Orientation Lesson-"Starting Construction Worth Learning Series-Seeing the Blockchain Industry in 2020, What Should You Pay Most Attention to".

From February 25th to March 2nd, every day from 7 to 9 pm, seven big coffees will be given to each other. In the first lesson tonight (February 25), Tang Xialing, Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of Babbitt and Ling Ting, the blockchain initiator, will focus on "Finding Your Blockchain Opportunities: The Big Cycle and Small Logic of Blockchain 》 This topic, answer your question through the core case.