Investment research analysis: BTC continues to fluctuate, and the support area of ​​9150 ~ 9500 USD may meet the test

Yesterday, BTC fell all the way after breaking above 10,000 USD and was temporarily supported by the upper edge of the previous dense trading area of ​​9150 ~ 9500 USD. OKEx analyst Neo believes that the recent BTC market trading activity is not active, and the main funds are in the stage of continuous absorption. Except for a small number of high-frequency traders who are still active in the shock market, a large number of conservative traders are waiting for the start of the main force. Therefore, it is difficult to have a large-scale trend before the main funds have not moved. Although BTC is currently supported near US $ 9500, the currency price has recently broken below this point several times and rebounded. Therefore, US $ 9150 to US $ 9500 should be used as a support area. The stabilization of the trend at any point in this area is a gain. Effective support, $ 9,500 is just the upper edge of the support area. Even if it breaks down, it does not represent a trend reversal. Investors should be careful of the risk of false breakouts again in the short-term trend.