Suzhou adopts the "shake number notarization system" to make online appointments for masks, and Suzhou Tongji Blockchain Research Institute provides technical support

It is reported that the two rounds of online registration for masks currently underway in Suzhou are developed by Suzhou Tongji Blockchain Research Institute. At the beginning of February, members of the R & D team of “Taohao Notarization System”, which was resumed in advance by the Suzhou Tongji Blockchain Research Institute, received the unified deployment of the new coronavirus-infected pneumonia epidemic prevention headquarters in Suzhou, and developed a set of lines in the shortest time The random lottery lottery notary system on the purchase of masks for appointment registration can be used for lottery of more than 500,000 samples at the same time. As the R & D subject of the first independent safe and controllable blockchain bottom platform "Indus Chain" approved by the National Financial Engineering Laboratory in China, the Suzhou Tongji Blockchain Research Institute established by Suzhou High-speed Rail New City and Tongji University Provided key technical support for Suzhou's "mask notarization" work.