FTX Announcement: Users can now purchase FTX equity tokens with a minimum purchase limit of $ 250,000

According to the official announcement of the crypto derivative exchange FTX, FTX users can now purchase FTX equity tokens (FTX_EQUITY), and users must meet the following conditions:

1. Must not be located in the United States or other prohibited jurisdictions;

2. Must reach at least KYC level 2.

3. The minimum purchase limit for FTX_EQUITY is $ 250,000 (125,000 FTX_EQUITY).

4. You must agree to the Token Purchase Agreement and Equity Token Terms. The relevant terms can be found in the wallet. Users can purchase FTX_EQUITY in FTX wallet from now on. According to the supply and demand situation, FTX_EQUITY sales period is from March 1, 2020 to March 7, 2020. Note: FTX_EQUITY is an FTX equity token. FTX_EQUITY represents ownership of FTX Trading LTD (FT), a company affiliated with the FTX trading platform.

Earlier news, FTX is seeking to raise $ 15 million in equity financing at a $ 1 billion valuation. In addition, the exchange's development plan includes expanding its product line and hiring more employees. It is reported that FTX aims to raise 15 million US dollars in Series B at this valuation, and may raise up to 30 million US dollars