Chengdu Chainan secures new round of financing from Qianhai Mother Fund

In February 2020, Chengdu Chainan Technology Co., Ltd. officially announced that it had obtained a new round of financing from Qianhai Mother Fund to promote the healthy and orderly development of the blockchain security cause. Earlier, Chengdu Lian'an had obtained tens of millions of yuan in financing led by Lenovo Venture Capital, Fosun Hi-Tech, Cheng Venture Capital, and Renzi Bank in December 2019, and a seed round of distributed capital in March 2018. The investment, in September 2018, won the angel round investment of Jieshi Capital and Pangu Chuangfu. This time, Qianhai Mother Fund, a domestic venture capital enterprise with a strong agglomeration advantage, invested in Chengdu Lian'an, which is an important measure to achieve a win-win situation for both parties. It is understood that Qianhai Mother Fund is currently the largest domestically raised parent fund in China and is also the largest venture capital and private equity investment fund in China that has raised the largest amount of funds. So far, it has raised 28.5 billion yuan.