60-page chart data takes you to understand the NFT industry in 2019

Source: DappReview

Guide: This article is the "2019 NFT Annual Report" written by NonFungible.com, published on February 21, translated and edited by DappReview partners. This report shows the changes and development of the ERC-721 type NFT in the Ethereum ecology in the past year with intuitive numbers and charts from different dimensions. Some of the content about users, retention, penetration and NFT ID are very interesting It is worth reading.

However, it should be noted that the data in this report does not capture the full picture of the entire NFT market:

1. The ERC-1155 NFTs of the Enjin Department were not included in this report.

2. Some ERC-721 NFTs are not included in this report

Despite these two shortcomings, this report is still the most comprehensive report for the NFT market in 2019. Readers can take a look at the macro trends of the NFT industry and interesting cases of individual head NFTs.