Li Lihui: Applying digital technologies such as blockchain to accelerate the construction of digital finance and inclusive finance

On February 25th, Li Lihui, the leader of the Blockchain Research Working Group of the China Internet Finance Association and former president of the Bank of China, published an article entitled "Accelerating the Advancement of Digital Finance and Inclusive Finance" in China Finance. He said that the epidemic was a comprehensive test of financial institutions and a comprehensive test of digital financial services. This outbreak reminds us that there is an urgent need to accelerate progress in the following two aspects. The first is to speed up technological innovation and promote the full implementation of digital finance. Apply digital technologies such as blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing to create an end-to-end, point-to-point three-dimensional interactive financial service system, and create a financial management operation model that spans the space with cloud office and cloud supervision. The second is to accelerate institutional innovation and promote the comprehensive implementation of inclusive finance. The application of big data and blockchain technology can build a digital trust mechanism, build a technology platform for inclusive finance, and promptly solve problems with credit mechanisms and long-term institutional issues.