Market Analysis | Bitcoin's stability of $5,300 is an opportunity for reversal?


Yesterday afternoon, Bitcoin began to rebound after holding $5,200 to hold the downtrend. The mainstream currencies also rebounded effectively with Bitcoin. The most outstanding performance was the bitcoin cash that fell for half a month in the previous period. It once rebounded from 231 dollars to 278 dollars, which is a full swing of 20 points.

Everyone should note that the word I use here is a rebound, not a reversal. why?

I talked about the trend reversal indicators of MA7 and MA30 of Japan K yesterday, and the reason is unchanged. The crossover of the MA moving averages on the 7th and 30th led to the reversal, meaning that the next half to one month, the overall trend is opposite to the overall trend in the previous period. Most mainstream currency MA7 pierces the MA30, and the pattern is not so easy to change.

To change the downward/adjustment trend of the next month, the fundamental requirement is to increase the funds in the entire currency market to push the price of the currency up. Obviously, the funds are not entering the market madly. Instead, they are accelerating their escape. The over-the-counter USDT premium has changed from 4% to 1%, which is the performance of funds leaving the market. Even if it is 1% more warm, it just rebounds.

The principle of capital flow was analyzed before: the giants escaped from the high level of the mainstream currency, the main force of the altcoin fled, and the platform coins were partially profitable. Then the funds in the market were taken away, and then there is no doubt that it is going to fall and redeem this value transfer. This is a common sense of finance, and everyone should keep in mind.

Most of the opportunities in the market are dominated by oversold, and wide fluctuations will be the main tone. A lot of coins haven't finished yet, but they won't fall out of breath.

On May 1st Labor Day, the holiday will start, and the speculation will be fried. The body is the capital of the revolution!

Market analysis

The following analysis data are from Huobi

Bitcoin BTC:

Temporary long-term equilibrium, yesterday's pull-up has delayed the risk of deep price. The $5,150 is the recent downside resistance, while the 5400 line will be the resistance to the rebound.

To make a currency trading judgment, the general logic is: from a large level to a small level, such as from month K, week K, day K, then to 4 hours K, 1 hour K, 15 minutes K, and so on. Grasp the big direction and look at the small direction.

Both Bit K and Week K of Bitcoin have identified the main tone of the two-year slow cow. The information reflected by Japan K is: MA30 is getting closer and closer. Once it is pierced, the public sentiment turns negative and adjustment is inevitable.

As for some people mentioned back to 4,800 dollars and rose to 6,000 dollars, I personally do not stand. Traders must always be objective and how to go, how do we do it. Good traders are all heads of grass, where to go where you can profit, nothing more.

Bitcoin is still the main trend of the market. You can refer to Bitcoin to actively make other currencies.

Litecoin LTC:

Simulated the general trend of MA7 and MA30, not necessarily correct, after all, the market is changeable. But after understanding the principle of capital flow that I talked about earlier, everyone should be able to judge the general trend of the market.

Unless there is a huge amount of money to push the MA7 to puncture the MA30 again, the trend cannot be reversed, and the difficulty of running up is still high.

You can go to see the historical K-line of Litecoin, and you will find that the decline does not happen overnight, but the volatility falls, and the decline process is completed through several fluctuations of the main decline. In Elliott's wave theory, there is a standard big three wave model, so now the first wave is basically completed.

In operation, I prefer to ralli short and short, or oversold and short, and are fast forward and fast.

Ethereum ETH:

ElonMask is updated on Twitter and Weibo, and the latest tweet is simple: Ethereum.

This is something that seems to be particularly interesting. Is Silicon Valley Iron Man shouting for Ethereum? I think he is shouting, but in his magnitude, it is not a short-term ups and downs. If he invests in a billion-dollar Ethereum, then 150 dollars to 170 dollars is no different for him, the annual level trend Ethereum can reach more than $500.

Therefore, long-term holding or short-term trading is a different choice for people of different capital levels. The currency circle shouted faith and long-held, because their funds can not be short-term in order of magnitude, and short-term gains are not much more stable than long-term.

We ordinary people do trades well, have patience and long-term commitment, respect short-term technical aspects, what we should do and remain objective.

Ethereum is not much ups and downs, it is not recommended to make futures, and it is not bearish in the near future. The position should be to look at adjustments, and everyone should pay more attention.

Grapefruit EOS:

The trend has not changed, and the rebound does not mean reversal, and the decline will not happen overnight.

I mentioned the previous two days, do the trend, rebound and brave short, but also keep a good position to prevent the blast. The position that is reserved now is to short the rebound. The higher the more empty, now is not the chance to bargain.

4.8 US dollars is a short-term resistance level, it is insurmountable. If the market violently inserts 4.9~5.0 dollars, it is gold to be vacant, firmly grasp.

Bitcoin Cash BCH:

The rebound is in place and the trend does not change.


The main volatility of Bitcoin cash is still the shockdown. The strong rebound is only to repair the oversold, but also to short the opportunity.


However, this currency has a large fluctuation space, and the position cannot be too heavy.


270 dollars is the resistance level, and in the next few days, the rallies will be lighten up and short-selling.

Ripple XRP :

It can't go up and fall, and it doesn't match the style of other mainstream currencies. Many long-space discriminants will fail on Ruibo.

The $0.3 line is an important long-term cut-off point. If it falls below $0.28, it will be unconditionally stopped.

If you want to enter the market, you can wait for it, don't worry.

Platform currency HT, OKB, BNB:

BNB has head signs, holding should be lighten up, HT and OKB have profitable pockets. The environment is not healthy, and the platform currency does not have the ability to stand out from the crowd and avoid risks.

Everyone should continue to learn in the operation and improve their cognitive ability and feeling ability on the disk. Pay more attention to investment risks, properly participate in transactions within your controllable scope, and be responsible for your own transactions.

real story

Friend 001:

Everyone should have heard of the time

Not an investment, it is a gamble

At that time, I just graduated and didn’t pay for it.

Then there is a coincidence plan, enter these QQ groups, and then start playing

At the beginning of the night, there are fewer, just a few, dozens

Those Q groups have all the plans, that is, they can follow his plan to buy

In addition to the plan, I will also teach you to use the double investment method to buy, that is, the first time is not in the middle, the second time to use 3 times the principal to buy, if the second time, you can make up the first loss There will be earned. If it is not in the second time, the third time will be bought with 8 times the principal.

So-called double investment

I didn't put much money in the early period, it was a thousand, and then I would earn a 2-300 in one day. At that time, I felt that I had a few thousand extra income in a month.

When I got to the back, I remember it was an afternoon. I didn’t know if I was lucky or how, and I lost more than a dozen. At that time, I was already blind. I just thought that so many of them were not in accordance with probability. The probability in the back must be very large

At that time, the money of the account was all lost before, and I went to spend 10,000.

Then a 5000 of the next, no, and then 5000, still not. At that time, the gambler’s psychology, then borrowed tens of thousands, the more the more, the thousands, the 10,000, the 20,000

As a result, I still lost the light, and still owe a lot of money, directly forced

At this time, I realized that I had an accident. The whole process may last for less than an hour, because at that time, I was playing the car, 5 minutes, less than an hour, there should be 70,000 to 80,000, no more.

Then panic, I immediately uninstalled the app.

Then I didn’t touch this again. It was really red at the time, totally irrational.


Gambling is a bad habit at any time. Most people will lose their gambling and they will be irrational. They want to increase their investment and win back the money. However, in the case of irrational reason, the basics are more gambling and losing.

I’m here today, I wish you all a happy May Day, we will see you tomorrow!

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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