God V criticizes ProgPoW ’s “pass first” proposal

According to Trustnodes, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin expressed criticism that some members of the community "approved" the ProgPoW proposal silently. The proposal is still under discussion, and community developers have agreed on it. God V said that ProgPoW suddenly changed from "Oh, this thing has passed, and it hasn't been mentioned for a long time" to 1.5 hours. "Oh my God, it is now scheduled for the next hard fork? ????! ''

Earlier news, ETH 1 developers announced suddenly on Friday: "Ethereum core developers are promoting ProgPoW against ASIC, and the hard fork upgrade is tentatively scheduled for July". However, in fact, the core Ethereum developers have not reached an agreement on ProgPoW, and there is no tentative hard fork upgrade time. God V said that he could only be neutral on the matter by criticizing the decision-making process. However, in the past two years, he has also three or four times subtly made it clear that he doubted that he was in favour of the proposal, and of course he did not explicitly say "disapprove".