The First Blockchain Lawsuit Source Governance Judgment One: "Gavel" Finalization

According to, years ago, the law as a credible electronic evidence platform greatly “real gavel” security system, using the “blockchain electronic evidence solidification” technology, successfully assisted the Huli District People's Court in Xiamen to conclude 3 cases involving free trade. District credit card overdue dispute cases, this is the court's first successful attempt to adopt an "interactive" paperless case handling model. The total amount of cases involved in this batch of cases is about 50,000 yuan, and the maximum amount for a single case is 30,000 yuan. The fastest time from filing to judgment is only 18 working days. Due to the characteristics of online processing of the whole process, this case handling mode can be a financial industry entity represented by a plaintiff, Nanping Bank, which can increase the efficiency of litigation by 3-6 times, saving lawyer fees, notarization fees, appraisal fees, travel costs, etc. Including 50% -95% of litigation costs.