Babbitt Industry Innovation Lesson | Tang Xialing: As many scenes of trust in life as possible, there are as many possible uses of blockchain as possible

On February 25, Babbitt Industrial Innovation Course officially started. Babbitt Vice President and Babbitt Editor Tang Xialing shared the theme of "Finding Your Blockchain Opportunity-Big Cycle and Small Logic of Blockchain". She said: "There are as many scenarios where there is a lack of trust in life as there are possible uses of blockchain." Taking the epidemic as an example, although the blockchain is late, this is due to its development stage So what can the blockchain do? 1. Optimizing the implementation of public trust: tracking of funds; 2. Efficient multi-party collaboration: efficient cooperation between hospitals, governments, and the public; 3. Effective incentive mechanism: effective incentives for voluntary services; 4. Reliable privacy protection: balance between personal privacy and public safety .

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