Babbitt Industry Innovation Lesson | Tang Xialing: 5 suggestions to help you find your blockchain opportunity

On February 25, Babbitt Industrial Innovation Course officially started. Babbitt Vice President and Babbitt Editor Tang Xialing shared the theme of "Finding Your Blockchain Opportunity-Big Cycle and Small Logic of Blockchain". How to find your blockchain opportunity? In response to this general question, Tang Xialing gave five suggestions: 1. Keep an open and sensitive mindset: What you are saying now may be wrong, and you cannot look at new things with the old eye; 2. Make clear the basic concepts; 3. Build The complete understanding of the blockchain: the logical relationship behind it (coin circle, chain circle, mining circle, etc.); 4. Combine your own industry situation, find a key focus direction; 5. Find the right entrance, find the right energy People who progress with you at the same frequency.

Babbitt Industry Innovation Class is ongoing, welcome to scan the code to watch the course.