Canaan Technology Receives Class Action Lawsuit, Alleged Violation of Securities Law

According to WeChat public account @ 深 潮 DeepFlow, on February 21st, Schall Law Firm, a shareholder rights litigation company in Los Angeles, announced that it is investigating claims on behalf of investors of Canaan Technology (NASDAQ: CAN), and Canaan Technology was charged Violation of securities laws. A few days ago, an investment analyst named Marcus Aurelius wrote a survey report on bearish Jianan Technology.

1. There are many transactions with related parties and false entities that have not been disclosed to the regulators by Jianan Technology, and the suspects have artificially increased revenue or falsified their financial status.

2. Jianan Technology's previous major customers involved major commercial fraud and violations.

3.Jia Nan Technology deleted the information of 7 major distributors because the information shows that the business situation of Jia Nan Technology is much worse than investors think.

4. Compared with Bitmain and Shenma mining machines, the products of Jianan Technology are not competitive.