Liu Chang uses: Who is the real bitcoin? There are five main standards.

Dr. Liu Chang, the founder of Zhimi University, published an article in the Babbitt column today saying that "who is a true bitcoin" is the existence of multiple standards, mainly: 1, the power decision. However, this standard has failed. After the birth of BCH, BCH supporters have more than 60% of the computing power of BTC and BCH, but BCH has not turned into Bitcoin. 2. The market value of the price is determined. 3. Nakamoto decided. Core and its supporters generally accepted the transition from electronic cash to stored value and settlement functions. I am afraid that even if Nakamoto appeared, he could not rename BTC. 4. Domain name decision. Several important Bitcoin domain names are dominated by core opponents, but these also do not change the current state of core-led Bitcoin. 5. The user decides. 6. Business naming decision.