"Chengdu Chainan" Receives New Round of Financing from Qianhai Mother Fund, Yang Xia, Founder of Babbitt Exclusive Dialogue

Babbitt was informed that on February 25, Chengdu Chainan Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Chengdu Chainan”) officially announced that it had recently obtained a new round of financing and was invested by Qianhai Mother Fund .

Chengdu Xia'an founder and CEO Yang Xia told Babbitt that the financing will be used to continuously improve the user experience, develop a "one-stop" blockchain security service platform, conduct independent and controllable blockchain security technology research, And expand the global blockchain security ecosystem .

As of now, Chengdu Chainan has completed 4 financings. Earlier, Chengdu Lian'an received tens of millions of yuan in strategic investment led by Lenovo Venture Capital, Fosun Hi-Tech, Cheng Venture Capital and Renzi Bank in December 2019; angels of Jieshi Capital and Pangu Chuangfu in September 2018 Round investment; obtained seed investment of distributed capital in March 2018.

Founded in March 2018, Chengdu Chain Security is the world's earliest company to apply formal verification technology to the field of blockchain security . Within two years of its establishment, Chengdu Lian'an has developed the world's leading smart contract automatic formal verification platform VaaS, and created a "Beosin" one-stop blockchain security platform. Its business scope includes security audit, asset traceability and AML. Anti-money laundering, privacy protection, threat intelligence, security protection, security consulting and other fields.

It is understood that Chengdu Chain Security has provided comprehensive security for more than 1,000 smart contracts and DApps worldwide, more than 100 blockchain platforms (public chain, alliance chain), nearly 100 exchanges and more than 60 wallets. Audit and defense deployment services, and established in-depth cooperative relationships with more than 100 domestic and foreign blockchain head companies such as Weizhong Bank, Wanxiang Blockchain, and Ant Blockchain, and applied for 15 software invention patents and copyrights. Has rich practical experience in the field of blockchain security.

In response to this financing, Yang Xia said that at present the blockchain does not have a complete security ecosystem. Once the blockchain platform has security problems, it will bring huge property losses. Who can build the basic security and will be in the block in the future? Only in the field of chain can we create a more perfect ecology. Therefore, Qianhai Mother Fund and Chengdu Chain Security are optimistic about the great prospects of the "blockchain security" track.

With the popularity and application of blockchain technology, frequent security incidents have sounded alarm bells for all walks of life. Due to the technical limitations of the blockchain in the consensus mechanism, private key management, smart contracts, etc. In addition, the decentralized nature of the blockchain has brought new challenges to the supervision of existing network and data security. The industry's security offensive and defensive battles are also becoming increasingly anxious and frequent.

Data show that the types of global digital asset crime cases in 2019, including hacking, coin theft, fraud, illegal fundraising, money laundering, and illegal transactions on the dark web, totaled more than $ 8 billion in losses.

Facing increasingly severe security challenges, Yang Xia put forward his own proposal, "Security companies will serve as the backbone of the blockchain security field, and we need to build China's" independent innovation and independent controllable "blockchain security technology and guarantee. system. "She also emphasized,

"The current blockchain industry is still facing a large number of security risks, such as social security issues such as money laundering, extortion, and dark web transactions caused by companies' neglect to build security defenses and digital asset security loopholes. Strengthen security supervision and establish solid The security defense line is an important task for the current development of the blockchain. "

As for the future planning of Chengdu Lian'an, Yang Xia pointed out,

On the one hand, the company will use a "one-stop" blockchain security platform and services to assist related companies to do a good job of security protection and improve security protection capabilities;

On the other hand, it will continue to vigorously assist government regulators in conducting investigations and obtaining evidence to effectively strengthen safety supervision, take the lead in establishing orderly industry norms, and promote the construction of safety standards.