Zeroknowledge proof technology development company StarkWare claims to provide security and scalability for crypto exchanges

Israeli zero-knowledge proof technology development company StarkWare claims that it can solve the most pressing problems of crypto exchanges: the inherent vulnerability of centralized exchanges and the low trading capacity of decentralized exchanges. Starkware claims it provides a scalability engine for exchanges. The exchange saves the order and matches it, the user issues the order to the exchange, the exchange matches the order and sends the order to be settled to Starkware. Starkware puts a large number of transactions together and prepares a STARK certificate to prove the entire batch of transactions. Effectiveness. This proof is sent to the on-chain validator (for example, every 15 minutes), and once verified, the root status (of all user balances) will be updated on-chain.

It is reported that StarkWare was co-founded by ZCash founding scientist Professor Eli Ben Sasson. In addition to raising nearly $ 40 million from well-known investors such as Sequoia and Intel Capital, it has also received grants from the Ethereum Foundation.