Analysis: mysterious miner has seized 9,000 BCH from SegWit address

BCH had problems shortly after its launch in August 2017. Due to the similarity of address formats, BCH users have been sending BCH to SegWit addresses by mistake, and these addresses are not supported on the BCH network. Over the years, as many as 18,000 BCHs were sent incorrectly. Due to the relatively new SegWit address, error trading picked up in 2018 and 2019. The latest data from Coinmetrics shows that the known mining pool has successfully recovered about half of the tokens through its recovery process and returned them to the owner. But an "unknown" miner successfully mined enough blocks to clean up nearly 9,000 lost BCHs that were mistakenly sent to the SegWit address. Coinmetrics has been tracking this issue since the beginning, when hundreds of tokens were lost. Miners like have even opened a form for small claims, but the service is only temporary. Later, decided to stop recycling smaller amounts and increase the minimum recycling limit from 10 BCH to 100 BCH.