People's Daily: Blockchain application helps epidemic prevention and control

On February 26, the overseas edition of the People's Daily published "Blockchain application to help prevent and control the epidemic." The article said that due to decentralization, openness and transparency, and information traceability, the blockchain has played an important role in charitable donations, material circulation, and epidemic prevention and control in anti-epidemic operations in various places. A few days ago, a number of companies led by China's Xiong'an Group Digital City Company and FunChain Technology Company jointly launched a charity donation platform based on blockchain technology. In addition, Alipay also launched an anti-epidemic materials information service platform recently, using ant blockchain technology to review and link the information on the demand, supply, and transportation of materials and store the certificate on the chain. Every confirmation of is displayed on the chain. In the process of epidemic prevention and control, blockchain technology plays an important role in tracking the flow of information and community governance. According to reports, after the blockchain technology uploads data to the epidemic prevention and control collaborative system, it can realize secure encryption, improve the efficiency and security of data acquisition, and make the data immutable and enhance the credibility of the data. The data in the system can be traced throughout the process, providing credible data support for epidemic prevention and control, and providing decision-making assistance for government departments to make accurate policies. Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a notice to deploy the use of next-generation information technology to support epidemic prevention and control, and enterprise resumption of work and production. Among them, the blockchain has also played a certain role in helping enterprises resume work and production.