Economic Daily: Use blockchain to promote high-quality development of regional economy and society after the epidemic

Economic Daily article “Strengthening regional policy coordination to prevent credit risk transmission”. The article said that at present, governments at all levels have issued a series of policies and measures to support the stable and healthy development of society and economy during the epidemic. From the perspective of maximizing the effectiveness of various policy measures and responding to corporate credit risks, it is urgent to accelerate regional social governance and the economy The integration of development, digitalization, and intelligence to optimize regional resource allocation, improve regional policy synergy efficiency, and respond to regional credit risk transmission that may be triggered by credit risk resonance of small and medium-sized enterprises. Create a digital platform for regional administration, modernize social governance, and improve the efficiency of regional policy collaboration. Use cutting-edge information technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and blockchain to create a regional administrative decision-making integration, digitization, and visualization platform, and promote the digitization, gridding, visualization, and intelligence of regional social management, and smooth flow The transfer, exchange and sharing of policy information between regions at all levels will enhance the efficiency of regional policy synergy and promote the high-quality development of regional economic and social development after the epidemic.