How to deal with new coronary pneumonia? Coinbase releases four-level response plan

Recently, Coinbase shared its plans to prepare for a new coronavirus.

Although the outbreak has been effectively controlled and treated in China, many overseas places have been affected by the new crown virus, especially in Italy and Iran, where the number of infections has surged. Although the World Health Organization (WHO) has not defined neocoronary pneumonia as an epidemic, many companies and governments are urging people to plan for the worst.


Coinbase is a well-known U.S. cryptocurrency exchange, and despite its optimistic outlook for the disease, it is preparing for "a very negative outcome." The company's CEO, Brian Armstrong, said in a shared file released on Tuesday:

"Our expectation is that the adjusted mortality rate (once mild cases are included in the overall statistics) will decrease significantly and we will see limited transmission in the West as the population density there is lower and the situation with multi-generation housing Not much. "

The company has offices in the United States, Ireland, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Coinbase plans to divide New Crown Pneumonia into three levels. Currently, all of the company's offices are on the 0th floor, except for Japan on the 1st floor.

The document states:

"We have a crisis management team that is constantly reviewing new information. We have established four levels (from level 0 to level 3) to respond to changes affecting the Coinbase office."

If there are 100 infected people within the commute range of the Coinbase office, the company will require some employees to work from home. The company will also increase the frequency of cleaning of these offices and provide mask handling boxes.

If "more than 1,000 incidents were found or any government quarantine occurred within the commute range of the Coinbase office", and "the mortality rate remained at 1% or more (10 times the seasonal flu) and the observed transmission rate remained at 1.5 or more ", then enter the second level.

At that time, Coinbase will stop providing office meals and bar all visitors from entering the office, or "establish a visitor health screening program."

Coinbase noted that if more than 5,000 people were infected, it would be a "turmoil" because "control measures have failed."

On the third floor, all employees will be required to work from home. "In this case, I expect that we will not be able to use third-party services such as cleaning, snacks, etc. The employees of these companies may strike out of fear … I also want to see regional isolation in the affected areas." Armstrong wrote Road.

"We still believe that most employees have a lower risk of contracting the new coronavirus, and our team in Japan is slightly more at risk."

At this stage, the company has restricted its employees to China, Japan, Italy and South Korea.

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