Data show: Bitcoin deposit and withdrawal indicators continue to fall

According to the data monitoring on the Tokenview chain, the total amount of transfers on the Bitcoin chain in the last 24 hours was 87,600,000 BTC, and the number of transfers on the chain was 328,300, which were 9.96% and 0.42% higher than the previous day. It is 7219 BTC, and the amount withdrawn from the exchange is 3033 BTC. The deposit and withdrawal index of the exchange continues to fall and the market consolidation may continue. In terms of mining data, the average hashrate of Bitcoin in the past seven days was 109.26 EH / s and the average hashrate of nearly 24 hours was 110.5 EH / s. Yesterday, the total number of blocks generated by the entire network was 144, an increase of 3 from the previous day; the on-chain transfer fee was 24.54 BTC.