Only 24 hours are left to register for the Wanxiang Blockchain Charity Hackathon!

The registration for the "Unique 'Chain' Branch" Wanxiang Blockchain Public Welfare Hackathon will be officially closed tomorrow (February 27) at 11:59 noon. The content of the competition focuses on the use of blockchain technology to contribute to the socio-economic development after the epidemic, and encourages participants to develop ideas on blockchain and public affairs governance, business model upgrades, and social collaboration efficiency to develop beneficial The application of blockchain that continues to develop steadily and socially after the epidemic.

In order to stimulate participants' creativity, rationally use blockchain thinking and technology, solve practical problems, and make projects that are truly valuable and can be implemented, the organizer Wanxiang Blockchain Lab collected advance from government, battle front-line enterprises and public welfare The actual needs and suggestions of organizations, ordinary citizens and the Internet in this epidemic and after the epidemic have ended, and these requirements will be provided to the participants for reference at the start of the competition. Participants can also research these needs and suggestions in advance (one of the project selection criteria is a reasonable workload assessment. Participants cannot participate in finished or semi-finished products, but can only research the competition topics in advance.) For specific requirements, please see the full online !! Wanxiang blockchain public welfare hackathon is waiting for you to solve these real post-epidemic social needs together!

In addition, Wanxiang Blockchain Lab joint partners provide multiple benefits and rewards for participants.

Mentoring Team

Wanxiang Blockchain Public Welfare Hackathon Jury: Li Ming, Director of Blockchain Research Office of China Electronics Technology Standardization Institute; Liu Changlin, Deputy Director of Shanghai Hongkou Science and Technology Committee; Zou Chuanwei, Chief Economist of Wanxiang Blockchain / PlatON; Deng Chao, CEO of HashKey Capital, Tang Yi, Vice President of Qiming Venture Capital, Hongjun Xie, Chief Operating Officer of Matrix, Ma Haobo, Founder and CEO of Haopu Technology, Xu Gang, CTO of Molink, Partner Huang Lingbo of Distributed Capital, CEO of Mocheng Chen Mintao and Long Kash Ventures' Chief Operating Officer Shi Khai will also serve as mentors to coach participants through online interaction during the competition.

During the competition (February 27-March 7), every night, a mentor will conduct live broadcasts online from different perspectives on competition topics, industry development trends and opportunities, and how to build a good blockchain project. Contestants guide and answer questions the contestants encountered during the competition.

Among them, some sessions of mentoring will be publicly broadcast live in the live broadcast room of Wanxiang Blockchain B Station, adding a small assistant micro-signal: fengchaoxueyuan, join the community to understand the time and entrance of each live broadcast.

Get industry exposure

The final part of this competition will be broadcast live on Station B, open to the public and the media, and contestants are invited to vote for the best creative award. Each participating team will have the opportunity to expose and showcase their team and brand.

Get more industry resources

The co-sponsors of this competition include not only well-known companies in the industry, but also investment institutions and community media, including: Matrix, Distributed Capital, Haopu, DoraHacks, Moline, LongHash, Magic Orange, Ethereum Lovers, Ethplanet. Participants can obtain various industry resources such as technical consultation, expert guidance, job opportunities, and even investment and financing.

More rewarding winnings

The winning team can also receive cash rewards, free office space for up to one year in the Wanxiang new blockchain space, 2020 Shanghai Blockchain International Week tickets (each valued at 4,500 yuan), and 2020 Shanghai Blockchain International Week. Hackathons are eligible for direct entry.

We not only want to be witnesses, but also practitioners. Let us effectively promote the combination of blockchain technology with the actual needs of society, promote the true landing of blockchain technology, and promote a new round of business brought by blockchain technology Model innovation.

Registration address:

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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