BTC faces critical turning point, $ 9,100 or long last line of defense

According to the OKEx spot display, as of the start of the European session, BTC temporarily reported at $ 9167.3 (-2.46%).

Yesterday, BTC did not stabilize after briefly finishing above $ 9,500. The bears continued to suppress the price of the currency to near the bottom of the strong support area near $ 9,100. There is still no signal to show a stop. OKEx analyst Neo believes that the volume of BTC's active selling funds in the past two days cannot be regarded as a signal that a large-scale downward trend has begun. From the analysis of the hourly volume, it is not that the selling volume is too high, but that there are too few active buying orders. The currency price has fallen to a certain key point and has not taken the initiative to undertake. As a result, some retail investors who are still on the market have chosen Closing the market and leaving the market, thus forming a bullish "touch and collapse" situation. The current BTC is in a key position. The price correction to $ 9,100 has to some extent absorbed the recent surge. If it falls below $ 9,100, it may mean that the recent correction has ended and the decline has begun. If it can stabilize, or it is a signal for the adjustment to end the rise.