Ripple executives: ODL reduces MoneyGram's capital cost because of product efficiency, not fees from Ripple

In response to the receipt of $ 11.3 million in revenue from Ripple by Ripple partner MoneyGram in the fourth quarter, Asheesh Birla, senior vice president of Ripple products, said on Twitter today that the media coverage was too trivial. He said, first of all, Ripple and MoneyGram are strategic partners and are working together to build new infrastructure. Market development requires a lot of work, effort, and resources, and it's not surprising that it costs money. Second, Asheesh Birla said, you can search online payment rewards at will. In fact, Visa and PayPal have adopted incentive programs from day one to promote online adoption. Visa issued $ 4.1 billion in temporary rewards in 2019. Finally, MoneyGram stated that they are actively expanding the new corridor and even plan to integrate RippleNet into account-to-account transactions by 2020. ODL (Ripple On-Demand Liquidity Platform) reduces the cost of capital because of the efficiency of the product, not because they get any fees from the other party.