Privacy project Origo has completed the third token destruction, and the total destruction has reached 150 million OGO

The privacy project Origo.Network released an official announcement today saying that the third OGO token destruction has been completed, and the number of destruction is still 5% (50 million OGO) as previously planned. As of now, 15% of the initial total OGO supply (150 million OGOs) has been successfully destroyed.

In summary, the destroyed OGO is 3% (30 million OGO) of the initial total OGO supply from the ecological community and 2% (20 million OGO) of the OGO supply owned by the Foundation. According to previous reports, the foundation team has decided to donate 20% (30 million OGO) of 150 million OGOs in the next 3 years, so that 30 million OGOs will be rewarded to new developers joining the team.

Original address: 13f20d9db31