Money Anhe: To subvert yourself, instead of waiting for others to subvert | Chain node AMA highlights

What does the currency chain go online for the exchange and BNB? What is the advantage? Can the currency DEX lead the exchange to the centralization trend? After the currency of DEX is mature, the central exchange of the currency will continue to exist…

On April 30th, Babbitt invited coin co-founder and CMO He Yi to conduct an AMA at ChainNode to answer the questions of community users. The following is a wonderful question and answer from the community. :


Talk about the advantages of the currency chain: good performance and low cost

ChainNode user shark bully: What are the advantages of the coin chain?


The currency chain is characterized by good performance and low cost. The coin chain is released in one second and confirmed that there will be no rollback. It has the characteristics of low latency, high throughput and high liquidity, which can meet the needs of a large number of transactions. It has no funds to escrow, asset owners keep their private keys, control their own funds, and enjoy maximum freedom of trading.

Users can send and receive BNBs on the currency chain, issue tokens, send, receive, destroy/cast and freeze/unfreeze tokens, initiate SGD applications, and trade. ChainNode user Ximen Blowing Coin: What are the main functions of BNB for coin chain and coin security DEX?


Speaking of BNB, you may first think that this is a platform coin. Of course, BNB is an "application" with tens of millions of users. It is supported by a large number of users. At the same time, we continue to expand the application scenarios of BNB. There are already many businesses around the world. And the application supports BNB payment, from buying a car to buying a house, traveling, games, and even a restaurant, so BNB has long been not a platform currency.

With the official launch of the currency chain, BNB has become the original token on the currency chain. Following the BEP2 protocol, its application scenario will be further extended. For example, in the currency chain, the token is issued to pay the BNB, the sponsoring of the coin proposal needs to pay the BNB, and the application for the banknote in the coinage DEX is required to pay the BNB. The transaction on the coinage DEX also pays the BNB as the handling fee. We hope that BNB can carry more value, not only the ecological layout of the currency level, but also the ecosystem of the entire blockchain industry.

You can understand that BNB is also the only general-purpose fuel for the entire currency. ChainNode user chickens come and go: What are the current wallets that support the currency chain?


At present, in addition to the Trust Wallet, which is controlled by the currency security fund, there are already a large number of wallets, and more wallets are welcome to join us. You can contact the official Weibo with a private letter.

ChainNode user speculation: In terms of technology, why choose the Tendermint Cosmos SDK architecture? What optimizations have been made? What is the cost of the project on the coin security DEX?


Each project has their own advantages. The choice of Cosmos is partly because it matches our appeals and characteristics. Therefore, we are also very grateful to the open mindset of the blockchain community, so that everyone can learn from each other and iterate.

The threshold of Dex is not high, only need to get support from the coin security node, and publicly pay a fixed GAS. ChainNode user BAO66: Will the currency go to the centralized exchange when it will go online and cross-chain trading? What kind of ecological construction will the development of the Trust Wallet's built-in currency after the centralized exchange?


The currency chain currently does not support cross-chain and Dapp, but it is already in the planning process; the wallet is open and welcomes other wallet access. In the long run, the speed of the coin chain and the wallet will determine the future of the currency. It is a transaction, and it is an excellent channel for payment.

ChainNode users are ignorant: the destruction of the currency, the delist BCHSV, and the self-innovation to do DEX have always been the core spirit of decentralization. The mechanism of the currency chain is PoS. When will it be excessive to community autonomy?


Since the establishment of the currency, the company has a community spirit. Even today, the community, group management, and offline meet up of the coin safety ball are basically provided by the members of the coin community (coin angels), and the technical products of the trading platform. Operation and maintenance centering efficiency will be higher; now we further develop Dex means that we have taken another big step towards communityization. It is difficult to talk about the timeline from dual engine to absolute community. I want to wait for community to be more efficient. The time is right.

Talking about decentralization VS centralization: decentralized platform is the future

ChainNode user methyl ether hunter: Is the exchange decentralized, where is the essential difference and impact?


Decentralization is the common belief of the community. It is our goal to make the decentralized platform the same experience as the centralized platform. Ultimately, users can better manage their digital assets without entrusting the selection and management of tokens to others.

ChainNode user candy box: At present, the centralized trading platform is the mainstream, how to decentralize the trading platform?


The decentralized platform is more of a hardcore player's appeal, but the future may be the mainstream, just as the Internet was a niche in the past, and now it is the public.

ChainNode user sesame hot sauce: After the currency DEX matures, will the central exchange of the currency still continue to exist?


The idea is this, we want to subvert ourselves, instead of waiting for others to subvert us. Therefore, we provide, a centralized trading platform, which may have become one of the world's largest trading platforms, while also providing a decentralized trading platform. We will hand over the market to choose from.

ChainNode User Robin Robin: How will the currency exchange center and exchanges be integrated? Does a sister think that the combination of the two will provide a new direction for the future of the exchange?


Just like the relationship between QQ and WeChat, the twin engines are fighting each other.

Talking about IEO: Amplifying the greed of human nature

ChainNode user bitgo: The market performance of the IEO project of the currency security is not very satisfactory. Will it be suspended in the future?


IEO is hard to define in the end. We have never called this kind of potential project called IEO. At present, there are more hype and distortions in the IEO market, but the currency security will follow its own rhythm.

ChainNode users are coming: The IEO boom was originally initiated by the currency, but as more and more small and medium-sized exchanges participate, the industry is chaotic, will IEO take the ICO's old road in the future? How to avoid?


The currency is only to support some potential projects, according to their own rhythm, to a certain extent, many platforms of fancy IEO really magnify the greed of human nature, but in general, every new thing is mixed with dragons and snakes, falling down There is also gold in the ICO.


ChainNode user knight _ngy: When is the coin leverage contract expected to be launched? What is the difference between the market value of the company and the total market value of bnb? After the bnb transition to the community. What happens to the equity of the company? Will it be converted into a bnb equity?


We have a reserve of coins and leverage contracts. We have this part in the early white paper of the currency security, but we have always been cautious. Futures is a weapon. Many users raise demand, but it is not suitable for users with poor risk control. ; does not rule out the launch at the right time.

The market value of BNB represents the two parts of the value of the company and the currency community. BNB and the currency security are positively related to the profit destruction of each quarter. The development and destruction mechanism of the currency security is the bottom of the BNB. Everything is possible in the future. ChainNode users: Can the currency bnb reach the target price of 1,000 yuan in the future?


I hope that I can find a balance between price and value.