Israeli researchers publish anonymous technical paper on broadcasting based on MPC technology

Three Israeli researchers published a paper called Blinder, which is an MPC-based, anonymous, robust, and censor-resistant technology. The full name of the paper is "Blinder: MPC Based Scalable and Robust Anonymous Committed Broadcast." (Blinder: Scalable and robust anonymous submission broadcast based on secure multiparty computing). The abstract of the paper shows that Anonymous Committed Broadcast expands the anonymous communication system DC-nets, which will allow clients to privately submit information to a group of servers, and all submitted information is submitted in a random order. People can get the order of the content. Blinder is a solution that can provide scalability and robust anonymous submission broadcasts. It has anti-censorship capabilities, and any honest client cannot be excluded from the network. After evaluation by researchers, if there are 100 servers, the latency of 10,000 clients is within 11 seconds, and the latency of 100,000 clients is within 7 minutes; if there are 5 servers with GPU, the latency is 1 million clients Just 8 minutes.