Data: More than 96 million XRPs have been transferred within mainstream exchanges and Ripple

XRP has now fallen below the psychological price of $ 0.25. At the same time, a large number of XRP transactions have been discovered in the past 5 hours, and these transactions have mainly occurred in large crypto exchanges. In addition, Ripple also transferred 20 million XRP earlier. According to the market price of Huobi Global, XRP temporarily reported 0.24198 USDT, a decrease of 6.26% during the day. XRPL Monitor shows that nearly 77 million XRPs have been transferred in recent consecutive transactions. 40 million XRP were transferred from Binance wallets; Bithumb also transferred 36.5 million XRP from one address to another. Prior to Binance, Ripple transferred 20 million XRP between its wallets.