State Grid Xiong'an Fintech Group will strengthen cooperation in new technology industries such as "State Grid Blockchain" and "Xiongan Blockchain"

Since State Grid Xiong'an Financial Technology Group Co., Ltd. entered the Xiong'an New District, it has constructed and operated a new service platform for dual-innovation and dual-service in the new district-the "fintech port Xiong Anxin era". The platform uses big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other financial technologies as endogenous power, aggregates high-quality resources from multiple parties, and works with financial institutions to carry out multi-level, wide-field, and innovative cooperation, realizing new areas in terms of funds, services, and markets. Requirements for innovation and development. It is reported that the company's next step will focus on the two major scenarios of energy Internet construction and Xiong'an development, give play to the advantages of fintech technology, strengthen the cooperation of new technology industries such as "State Grid Blockchain" and "Xiongan Blockchain", and accelerate the "financial The expansion and operation of the platform of "Xiongxian Anxin Times of Science and Technology Port" will fully take root and integrate into Xiong'an, serve the real economy, and help Xiong'an build and develop.