Data: Futures trading volume rises as bitcoin spot prices fall

The decline in spot prices indicates that Bitcoin futures trading volume is strong, the last time this happened was on February 14. Data show that the BTC futures trading volume on February 26 was 14.98 billion US dollars, the highest level in the past 11 days. In the past few days, the trading volume of bitcoin futures has increased significantly, with the smallest trading volume on February 22, at $ 7.33 billion. According to data provided by Skew, the rise and fall of BTC futures (total daily trading volume) recently pushed the trading volume to over $ 10 billion. The increase in trading volume is a signal of market activity. Bitcoin's decline once again paves the way for buyers to enter the bitcoin market, and open positions appear to be rising. As the price of BTC fell sharply on February 25th and 26th, as of press time, the total open interest was slightly higher than $ 4 billion. In addition, CME's open BTC futures positions have decreased and trading volume has declined.