Bitcoin fell below $ 9,200, and the entire network was over $ 300 million in short positions. Is the halving quotation not over yet?

Source: Deep Chain Finance

Waterfall today.

According to Coinmarketcap platform data, from 8:30 pm on February 25, Bitcoin has begun to dive.

Starting down from $ 9613. So far, it closed at $ 9,168, a drop of 4.21%.

Led by Bitcoin, the entire cryptocurrency market began to plummet.

Among them, ETH dropped from US $ 262 to US $ 238, a drop of 8.3%; BCH dropped from US $ 375 to US $ 333, a decrease of 9.16%; BSV fell from US $ 275 to US $ 230, a decrease of 13.34%.

The market value of the entire cryptocurrency has also shrunk from $ 277 billion to about $ 261 billion. In less than 24 hours, $ 16 billion has evaporated.

According to the Coin Coin data, about 20,000 people have been liquidated in the past 24 hours, and the total network liquidation amounted to US $ 313 million, of which the bitcoin liquidation amount reached US $ 31.58 million.

For a while, the entire market was mourned.

Some players said that yesterday's waterfall made him look aggressive; some players said that Bitcoin is about to drop to 9,000 US dollars, the bear market is about to come, and youth is over; some players believe that the decline is nothing more than halving the market Before washing dishes, just hold it steady.

There are divergent views on the Great Falls.

To this end, DeepChain interviewed a number of people in the industry to take a look at the current market changes and future market trends.

1 " Bullish sentiment remains serious "

Xiong Lu, Director of Industry Research, Amber Group

The recent bitcoin price trend is weak, and several rebounds have been suppressed, which is in a trend of shrinking consolidation.

BitMex's total holdings have finally fallen below $ 1 billion, and the market has gradually calmed down from its previous hyperactive state. The long to short number ratio is still at a high of about 2, and the bullish mood is still serious, and there is the possibility of further killing at any time.

The market outlook, from the perspective of the halving process, it should not have peaked. The USDT off-market price once again climbed to a high of 7.16, and the bottom-up funds were enthusiastic. The spot bargain could cover the position and set the stop loss. If the subsequent rebound is weak, you need to observe again.

2 “ optimistic about the long-term trend of Bitcoin in the next 1-2 years ''

OKEx Investment Research Director K Ye

Judging from the current market changes, they are still in line with my predictions on the market. When the market funds are chasing the concept of reducing production and speculation frantically, there will inevitably be a short-term heating up too fast, and the follow-up funds are not enough. As a result, "fear of high funds" dare not invest, and "fear of high markets" have been sold.

These series of actions are not conducive to the rise of the currency price, but have helped to cool the market. Ushering in an inevitable price correction, repairing market investor mentality, some reference indicators that have been passivated at a high level, and so on.

From the current technical analysis chart analysis, the current bitcoin is approaching US $ 9,150 to US $ 9,250 (OKEx quarterly contract price) in the area of ​​important support. The probability of a decline will slow down at this position, changing the rapid pace of decline for three consecutive days. Only when the support here is effectively penetrated can we look down at the $ 8,420 long-short dividing line more pessimistically.

The current market cooling results have not met my expectations. For example, the OKEx contract base continues to decline, but is still above the zero axis. The ratio of short and long positions in OKEx contracts is still at a high level of 2. We still need to be alert to these risk indicators.

Regarding the future long-term trend, based on the existing data and market trend performance results, there is no objective signal to change the long-term long trend. Therefore, I still remain optimistic about the long-term trend of Bitcoin in the next 1 to 2 years.

Sometimes investing is like falling in love. Short-term romance can easily make people confused and start to imagine a beautiful and happy future life. Slowly we will find that companionship is the longest confession. Make a financial plan and combine with yourself. If you love it, it is better to have a love long-distance race.

3 "Still optimistic about the market before and after halving"

Chu Kang, Founder of Benrui Capital

The recent decline is mainly due to the impact of the entire global epidemic, especially the European and American stock markets are at historical highs, so the impact of the epidemic has driven the stock market to decline. Because of the escalation of risk aversion, the so-called "hedging" attribute of Bitcoin also lapsed for a short time, causing some selling pressure.

Secondly, the initial period itself has also seen considerable gains, with more profitable disks and adjustments following the trend. 10,000 US dollars has always been a great psychological and technical pressure level. It is estimated that it will take some time to adjust the trend. If the global panic is severe, the fundamentals of Bitcoin may be re-evaluated, but it will still maintain the market before and after the halving. optimism.

For investors, use less leverage in large fluctuations and buy the spot in batches.

4 "Air Force wins short-term victory, with support near $ 9,000"

Co-founder Du Wan

The recent decline is mainly the result of market games. Both long and short sides have re-injected around OKEx and Huobi quarterly contracts of $ 9,900. Now the Air Force wins short-term victory, but there is a support around $ 9,000.

The current proposal is to buy the spot at $ 8,900 to $ 9,100, a stop loss of $ 8,700, a loss of 4%, a take profit of $ 9,500 to $ 10,000, and a profit of 5% to 10%. Do not open long futures easily, wait for the form to stabilize before doing spot. If it breaks below $ 8,700, it will fall to $ 8,200. Try again, there are many opportunities.

Now is a great time to make money.

5 “ Can open a position in the spot area ''

Zhang Hongbin, founder of the Lightning Blockchain

In my opinion, if the logic of the rise is only useless to halve, it is useless to rely on more incremental funds to enter the market. But now it seems that due to the impact of the epidemic, there are no new incremental funds coming into the field.

And the entire cryptocurrency industry has not made any major moves to attract external funds. The market moving average has been unable to rush up, subject to various suppressions.

This point is already a very important point. Now users can build some warehouses in the spot area to see after effects.

This aspect of the contract is temporarily not recommended. Because these days the fluctuations will definitely be great. Don't open a contract casually without full confirmation at the bottom.

6 "The market rebound is not strong, and it is difficult for retail investors to enter the market to make a profit."

Gravitational wave quantification VP Liang Zibin

After a two-month rise in bitcoin, it failed to touch the early stage of the chip lock-up zone. Several market highs have traces of long escapes. The callback is a high probability event.

At present, the daily level of bitcoin is out of the top of the head and shoulders. After the heavy volume fell last night, it is supported near $ 9,100. If we hold the current price and stand firm, and step out of the relay market, it is still expected to return to $ 10,000. If $ 9,100 is successfully penetrated, the market will look for support at $ 8,800.

Although the long-term bullish indicators are healthy, the market rebound is not strong, and it is very difficult for retail investors to make profits here. It is recommended to stay away from leverage. Whether the bulls will counter-attack in the next 2 days will determine whether the sun will be closed in February, which will have a significant impact on the judgment of market trends in the next stage.

7 "If panic, you can take profit out of the market"

Analyst Andy

The short-term weakening of the daily line has become a fact. To stabilize it still depends on market sentiment and support from below. The weekly trend has not changed. The weekly line shows mid-term adjustments, operational recommendations, and low spot long positions.

If a panic friend can leave the market with a take profit, if you want to win more profits, you must do a good profit protection action, that is, defensive take profit, the long-term reduction of the perpetual contract is within 5 times, and the stop loss is set to 8888 points Today it is expected to support 9,100 points, 9,000 points, and pressure drops to 9,200 points and 9,300 points. Tips for short-term operation: wait for oversold to make more than one order, wait for overbought to make one short, and arrange sideways for no orders.

In order to control the risk margin, the profitable spot can go first without breaking 8888 points, the market is still not finished, and I firmly believe that the bull market is not over yet.

8 "If you want to make money, you have to know how to endure losses."

Analyst Lao Yu said currency

The mainstream currency has fallen by 10% in the past two days, and your total position has fallen by 5%. Remember that what you want to eat is several times the profit of the mainstream currency. You just use this little loss to exchange it. Do you think this profit-loss ratio is appropriate?

Some altcoins that have potential and value fall more deeply. For example, they have fallen by 30% and the total position is 15%. If you make another position, you will make up another 7.5%. And if you use this 7.5% for 5 times or even 10 times profit in the future, why are you afraid of these losses? This is the same profit and loss. If you want to make money, you have to know how to endure losses!

The positive signs of the later period of the currency circle are in front of you: USDT continues to issue additional shares, ETH2.0, HT May public chain, Bitcoin is halved. In the face of this stubborn bull market, some people suspect that so many people get into the car and how the dealer pulls the disk. Now you look at the market again. Is it easy for the dealer to wash the retail? So don't worry about the weight of the car. If you use the 100 methods, you can switch to the 101 method before you get out of the car.

Yesterday, a 15-minute short-term rebound of the pie was $ 9,680. This morning, it fell below $ 9,300 this morning, and there is still $ 9,100 left. Most people should get off the bus completely. We can wait for the opportunity.

9 "Just hold the spot and sleep peacefully"

Analyst BTC reporter

The price of bitcoin has fallen from yesterday's high of 9,680 US dollars to a low of around 9,100 US dollars, a decline of 6%. It has fallen below the 50-day moving average. According to the K-line chart, it is still a bearish trend. In the later period, it depends on whether the $ 8,800 of the 60 moving average can be maintained. This is a strong technical support. If you miss here, the next step is $ 8,600. This is a technical trend.

As far as the international environment is concerned, the global spread of the pneumonia epidemic has led to increased uncertainty in the capital market. Global stock markets have plunged, especially U.S. stocks. Constantly, especially the stock market capitalization represented by Buffett, has been trying to sing bitcoin shortly. Of course, there are interests behind this.

There is also an interesting phenomenon that is worth paying attention to. Recently, gold has been constantly rising, and it is almost a crazy bull trend, but the trend of Bitcoin is exactly the opposite. Therefore, the "Bitcoin Hedge" label was torn off and became a gold supporter. Defamation of Bitcoin's handles.

The drop in Bitcoin this time was beyond many people's expectations, and a large amount of long capital was liquidated. But my judgment remains unchanged. The bull market is on the way. These are the pains that must be experienced on the way to the rise. It is good to sleep on the spot.


This article only represents the personal views of the interviewees and does not constitute investment advice. The currency market is risky and you must be cautious when entering the market.