Binance monthly contract report: January contract total transaction volume of 56 billion US dollars; user leverage allocation tends to be cautious

According to the Binance Contract Trading Platform's Monthly Trading Report released today by Binance, the trading volume of the Binance Contract Trading Platform is up 85% from December 2019, and the total transaction volume in January 2020 reached US $ 56 billion. The average daily trading volume of the platform is $ 1.7 billion, and the highest single-day trading volume is $ 3.5 billion.
In terms of perpetual contracts, in January 2020, the most popular BTCUSDT contract achieved a return of 29.89% in January. In terms of non-Bitcoin perpetual contracts, BCHUSDT has achieved the highest return this month.
In addition, 70% of traders on the Binance Contract Trading Platform in January used leverage between 20-40 times. In addition, less than 10% of users use 100 times or more leverage, which is a half reduction compared to December 2019. During the month, 80% of users used leverage less than 40 times, a 50% increase compared to December 2019. Overall, user leverage allocation in January has been more cautious compared to December 2019.