The company's major shareholders announced a reduction in their holdings of hot topics such as blockchain this year

Recently, Philips has become a hot topic. According to incomplete statistics, less than 2 months from the beginning of the year, Philips has announced its involvement in a number of popular topics on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, such as: 5G, chips, new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control, video conferencing, Internet of Things, Edge computing, blockchain, etc. Thanks to continuous efforts, the stock price of Philips has risen by nearly 50% year-to-date, and transactions have been significantly more active than before. But the company's major shareholders announced a reduction. On January 18, Wang Shouyan, one of the company's controlling shareholders and one of the actual controllers, announced that it planned to reduce its holdings of 9,639,900 shares, accounting for 0.67% of the total share capital.