Yu Jianing, President of Huobi University: The era of industrial blockchain is coming

According to the Economic Reference News, Yu Jianing, president of Huobi University and deputy chairman of the Blockchain Committee of the China Communications Industry Association, said in an interview that today, the blockchain technology is not very complete and the infrastructure is not fully ready. In some areas related to the epidemic, the application of blockchain has begun to emerge and play a unique role. It can be seen that the scale of "Blockchain +" is not far away. It is foreseeable that, after full resumption of work and production, accelerating innovation, transformation and upgrading is bound to become just needed. The development opportunities and application scenarios of the blockchain are accelerating. At the same time, the popularity of 5G has also significantly increased the value of the blockchain. More people will see and be willing to accept the changes that the blockchain brings to production and life. The chain will undoubtedly become the "second curve" of corporate innovation and transformation, and the era of industrial blockchain is coming.