Blockchain applications enter the fast lane: 4 "Blockchain +" scenarios have begun to fight the epidemic

Source of this article: Economic Reference , the original title of "Initiation of a New Wave of Innovation in Fighting the Epidemic to Promote Blockchain Applications into the Fast Track"

Author: Zhang Hanqing

In order to prevent and control the spread of epidemics and the resumption of production and other needs of enterprises, since this year, new formats such as new retail, telecommuting, and online collaboration have taken the lead in large-scale use. More and more humans will experience remote online collaboration. Collaboration, efficiency and convenience, for which many companies have begun to adjust their processes and organizational structures to suit them.

Hu Jianing, president of Huobi University and deputy chairman of the Blockchain Committee of the China Communications Industry Association, said that “crisis” and “opportunity” always accompany each other, and the industrial recovery after the epidemic may be an opportunity for industrial transformation and upgrading. This change is of great significance. It is not only an expedient measure to respond to the epidemic, but also an important opportunity to accelerate the digital transformation of various industries and promote the transformation of corporate organizational methods.

He said that the future innovation and transformation will become a rigid need for corporate survival. The "centralized" organizational form with the company system as the core is likely to gradually decrease, and new large-scale collaboration methods based on platform, community, and online will gradually become mainstream, and blockchain is to achieve large-scale distribution The most critical emerging information infrastructure for collaboration. During the fight against the epidemic, the blockchain has already begun to show its strength, especially in the complex scenario of multi-party cooperation, the application potential has begun to show. Driven by this wave of innovation, blockchain applications will enter the fast lane.

"Blockchain + Government Affairs": Strengthening Epidemic Prevention and Control

It is understood that in terms of epidemic big data management, Julu County, Hebei Province and Xinhua Network jointly launched an epidemic prevention and control big data management platform. After the data was uploaded to the platform, the entire network was synchronized and securely encrypted based on blockchain technology, greatly improving This improves the efficiency and security of data acquisition, and the immutability of the blockchain also enhances the credibility of the data.

After the platform data is confirmed, the whole process can be traced back, providing credible data support for epidemic prevention and control, providing decision-making assistance for accurate government policies, and providing objective and comprehensive basis for the work evaluation of various departments. It can also be used by third-party agencies after the fact. analysis.

The "Smart Pro Primary 2" platform used by Shanghai Linfen Street is used in 20 communities and serves more than 20,000 people, involving 688 merchants and more than 3,000 returnees. The platform is based on blockchain technology, uses electronic signatures and back-end certificates, and cannot be tampered with.

The platform has five major functions: mask appointment, return registration, health check-in, visitor registration, and community care. Within 5 minutes of the launch of the platform, 1,200 households realized online appointment purchase of masks, reducing the risk of cross-infection caused by residents in the community due to queues to purchase and receive masks. After integrating all kinds of scattered data into "big data", the neighborhood committee can pay attention to the families who have not returned after the holiday, and formulate a personnel inspection plan, which is targeted and effective. In addition, after the data is uploaded, the behavior trajectory can be clearly displayed. After a large amount of data is accumulated, the epidemic situation can be displayed.

"Blockchain + Big Data": Helping Resumption Management

The new crown pneumonia epidemic disrupted the rhythm of normal production and operations in many industries and regions, especially small and medium-sized enterprises in the industrial and service industries facing greater market and financial pressures. Therefore, on the premise of ensuring the epidemic prevention work, it is urgent to promote the orderly resumption of production and production of enterprises.

But the premise of resumption of work is the effective management of personnel, the most critical of which is the "penetrating" real-time data management capability. Blockchain is not only a "trusted machine", but also a "collaborative machine" and a "supervised machine". One of the important functions of the blockchain is to help achieve "penetrating supervision" and "fine governance". Blocks Chain can subtly assist the transition to resumption during this outbreak.

"East Lake Big Data Resumption Intelligent Management System" in Wuhan Donghu New Technology Development Zone-an enterprise resumption and resumption epidemic prevention and management system based on blockchain technology features, to achieve enterprise resumption filing, monitoring and management of resumption employees, and epidemic situation data Real-time access, data security mechanism protection, and other functions. Blockchain technology and "trusted identity authentication" ensure that data cannot be tampered with, and data security and privacy are guaranteed.

Guangzhou Nansha District Epidemic Prevention and Control Collaborative System is based on "Nansha City Brain" and uses blockchain and other information technology to aggregate and integrate various types of epidemic prevention information such as key personnel, latest epidemic situation data, resource scheduling, etc., to open up the "data of all departments" The "chimney", through the system's enterprise resumption management function, guides personnel to prevent and control, promotes the reporting of epidemic prevention information, and truly realizes the information management of epidemic prevention work.

"Blockchain + Finance": Realizing Financial Precision Services

Around the Spring Festival is the time when the financial pressure of many small, medium and micro enterprises is at its greatest, and the epidemic situation has worsened the financial problems of some enterprises. Therefore, it is necessary to take targeted measures to reduce taxes and fees in areas, industries and enterprises that have been affected by the epidemic, improve differentiated preferential financial services, and alleviate business difficulties. Such financial support cannot be a "flooding flood". It must be precisely implemented in order to achieve effective assistance and reduce inflation risks. Blockchain, as an important "fintech", can play a significant role in this regard.

At present, the scope of pilot work of the Cross-Border Financial Blockchain Service Platform of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange has been expanded to 22 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities. The platform has completed a total of US $ 15.9 billion in financing and lending, with nearly 2,500 service companies, of which SMEs account for 75%. Hubei Province has been included in the platform pilot scope, and SMEs will enjoy more preferential and convenient conditions in financial credit support such as export trade financing.

In addition, Beijing has also proposed the construction of a blockchain-based supply chain debt and debt platform to provide rights-financing financing services for small, medium and micro enterprises participating in government procurement and state-owned enterprise procurement. On February 7, Haidian District, Beijing officially launched a blockchain-based SME supply chain financial service platform, and gave companies with a discount of 50% of the benchmark interest rate to businesses that carry out the right financing business. On February 14th, the first confirmation of rights and loans after the launch was completed. Based on the confirmation of government procurement contracts on the platform, the company helped to obtain a loan of RMB 720,000 from Baixin Bank to support the new crown pneumonia epidemic and protect school distance education. And obtained the first loan of 440,000 yuan, the entire process of online operation, efficient and convenient, and reduce the risk of epidemic spread caused by offline business.

"Blockchain + Privacy Computing": Breaking Data Utilization Challenges

The protection of personal privacy and the industrialization and large-scale application of data have always been contradictions and problems facing big data applications. During the epidemic, a large amount of personal information and itinerary were exposed, and some people were subjected to vicious harassment. With regard to personal data, medical information and other private data, how to balance personal privacy protection and effective use of data to fully play the role of big data in the fight against the epidemic has become an urgent topic.

This problem cannot be solved without cutting-edge technologies such as digital identity and privacy computing based on the blockchain. Because these technologies are relatively immature, they have not been widely used in the fight against the epidemic. However, it can be expected that the relevant industry outlets will accelerate.

At present, Weizhong Bank's blockchain already has a distributed digital identity solution, and the source code is all open source for free use by the community. A solution based on blockchain-based distributed data management and trusted identity authentication will enable future authorised disclosure without the user's knowledge, and will allow relevant institutions to reliably track user information. This protects both privacy and public safety.

Yu Jianing said that today, the blockchain technology is not very perfect, and the infrastructure is not fully ready. In some areas related to the epidemic, the application of blockchain has begun to emerge and play a unique role. It can be seen that the scale of "Blockchain +" is not far away. It is foreseeable that, after full resumption of work and production, accelerating innovation, transformation and upgrading is bound to become just needed. The development opportunities and application scenarios of the blockchain are accelerating. At the same time, the popularity of 5G has also significantly increased the value of the blockchain. More people will see and be willing to accept the changes that the blockchain brings to production and life. The chain will undoubtedly become the "second curve" of corporate innovation and transformation, and the era of industrial blockchain is coming.

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